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Gardiner Community Church, believes strongly in supporting missions.

Listed below are some of the missions and missionaries that we support



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River of Life Care Home\
Doug & Roberta Moore


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The Gideons


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Please also remember our missionaries whom we support both with prayer and financial support...

CareNet Pregnancy Center  (Clallam County)

Doug and Roberta Moore and River of Life Care Home in Romania

The Gideons

Hearts in Motion - Guatemala


Hearts In Motion - Guatemala

A Vision for Future Opportunities for Service and Support

Today, Hearts in Motion is in an excellent position to address quality of life issues in Central America, especially Guatemala and Honduras. Since 1990, Hearts In Motion has been involved in human services in Central America, recognized by politicians and other organizations as dependable, resourceful and compassionate. H.I.M. is known and respected by a network of government agencies and service organizations.

Hearts In Motion has identified several potential programs to address issues of poverty in the areas now served. These fall generally in the areas of prevention, education and employment. Medical research indicates that many of the physical abnormalities seen in the children who are brought to surgery (cleft palate, club foot, etc) are a result of poor nutrition or inadequate pre-natal care.

Programs addressing nutrition and pre-natal care would prevent many of these abnormalities. It is clear that a more deliberate program to impact the education of children would increase literacy and prepare children to compete in the labor market. Providing quality day care as well as adult programs to teach job skills would effectively address the issues of unemployment.

Looking to the future, the H.I.M. plan will include the construction of more houses with the initial capability to serve as a day care facility for twenty to thirty children. Immediately impacting the nutritional, health and educational needs of early childhood, the program plan is to develop into community centers for adult education in areas of nutrition, employment skills and parenting issues. Hearts In Motion will continue to invest heavily in addressing quality of life issues in the Department of Zacapa.

The Mission of H.I.M.

The mission of Hearts In Motion is to provide care and medical treatment for children, families, and communities through its programs and sponsorships in the U.S., and Central and South America. An additional goal is to provide opportunities for individuals to participate in short-term mission experiences. The impact of the trip experience on each team member is at least as great as the impact on the lives of the people we touch. Many lives are changed.

Hearts In Motion works to complement resources already in place while respecting the culture of those whose lives it touches. Hearts In Motion accomplishes this with compassionate volunteers who unite their efforts and talents.

H.I.M. has established itself in Guatemala by consistently providing outstanding care and services since 1990.

A cooperative relationship exists with local Government leaders. This helps in identifying needs and priorities of the groups served. Local committees are included to insure the viability of activities and programs. Locals are hired when possible, to insure the continuity and longevity of H.I.M. activities.



River of Life Prayer updates and requests

June 14th, 2017

Dear Prayer and Ministry Partners,

Thank you for being awesome allies in prayer!! And thank you for your sweet words of encouragement to us!! We have a moment today to give you an update on our visa situation and some other things to continue to pray about.

We spent a couple hours yesterday with the lawyer. Because of the severe immigration problems in all of Europe, the laws are changing. Obtaining a visa is just not business as usual any more. We need a more comprehensive approach, documenting much more completely that we are not just the founders of a foundation, but that we are an integral part of the operating of the work here on a daily basis.

The lawyer did say she met with the governor on our behalf, and how that plays out I don’t know, but we all have been meeting with our LORD God on our behalf and that’s the ultimate person who can intercede. If He wants us here it will be- if He doesn’t it will be. (Romans 8:28) Either way, we can be certain that His purposes will be accomplished.

But we can already see that this has been very good to have spent the time with the lawyer building a working relationship with her and her associates. We’re working with the lawyer on bringing some aspects of our foundation papers up to date. This is Romania now, we see that we now need to function with regular legal advice. The lawyer needs to file some papers for our foundation Friday morning before our visas expire on Saturday, and some pieces need to fall into place for that to happen, so please keep all this in prayer!

We did stop by the visa place and although they didn’t have our visas yet, the clerk knew of our case and said something about them issuing a special visa and that we should come back next week. He said he has seen some visas be denied even at this stage in the process but even if they do deny it we would have a 30 day visa to either contest it or to get our stuff together to leave. So, we’ll keep praying and try back next week. As long as it’s in process we won’t have a gap in our visa time. But even if we do get a visa now, we will begin the strategy with the lawyer to build a more comprehensive case for us to apply for long term visas. That is a six month process.

Thank you for your prayers on behalf of Ileana’s brother. Although he was in a coma twice in the past few weeks, he is now eating, standing and starting to take a few steps. The doctors and health care workers are amazed and Ileana told them we are praying. He still needs a good place to recover that is a medical facility because he still needs IV treatments and they will be releasing him from the hospital on Friday. Options are limited here. Please continue to pray for his health and life to be restored. And also for Ileana as she advocates for him and carries more of a load than she normally does with all her other responsibilities.

This is the last week of school. There’s kid’s end of the year programs and a special banquet for Ema who is graduating 4th grade and will be going to the 5th grade and up, Christian school next year. Adi didn’t pass math and will need to work hard all summer and will need to take a test when school starts again. If she doesn’t pass it she will have to take the year over. We warned her. And she admitted to me that she didn’t make an effort. If she does get into 8th grade next year- it’s a big exam year that essentially determines the course of her education. We have a number of kids that are teens now. Please pray for their attitudes and for us to have wisdom and patience in raising them.

Andrea left by climbing out a downstairs window while we were in church last Sunday. She’s 16 with a 1 ½ year old baby. The court says this is the only place for her, if she wants to keep her baby. If she wants to give him up, she can live wherever she wants to. So, Ileana had to drive to where her family’s house is with the local social worker today, file her reports and all that. I have a feeling that she will be here and leave over and over until she’s 18.

We brought a pregnant woman in her 20’s here from the hospital to the Care Home on Monday. Our doctor referred her to us because she was in the hospital because her boyfriend beat her in the stomach trying to kill her and the baby. This is her third child, but she doesn’t have the other two with her, although she wants them. It’s a complex case. This woman has been used as a commodity, and abused her whole life by the people that should’ve loved, protected and cared for her. It’s a very sad life.

We have two pregnant women living here now that will be giving birth this summer, Maria and Adriana. Please remember to pray for them and their babies. That they would not be separated but grow up in Christ together. May God bless them with salvation and a new life in Him!!!

We have three teams and two individuals, 30 people in all, coming here starting on Saturday June 17th through the end of the month and into July, plus a lot more here during July!! Next week we will be having a camp for our care home kids combined with the kids from Cristi’s church. Please keep in prayer all the people coming here and everyone they’re ministering to. May Jesus be with us all fulfilling His plans and purposes, in and through usl!!! May He receive all the glory, honor and praise!!! Amen!

"Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord."-1Timothy 1:2

Doug and Roberta Moore

River of Life, Romania

For U.S. Donors:

Please send a check made out to International Messengers, PO Box 618, Clear Lake, IA, 50428-0618, include a separate note with your check preferencing which ROL Ministry Account is to receive your donation. (see ROL ministry account codes and details below).

For EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or online giving options, click the "Donate" button in the main menu above. For online giving, enter the three letter account code in the Gift Designation box (Network for Good) or select "Other" in the Program section and type in the code (JustGive).

For Automatic deductions:

Other methods of making donations:

For Canadian Donors:

Please send a check made out to International Messengers, PO Box 11022, 1945 McCallum Road, Abbotsford, BC V2S 0E4, include a separate note with your check preferencing which ROL Ministry Account is to receive your donation. (see ROL ministry account codes and details below).

For EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or online giving options, click the "Donate" button in the main menu on IM Canada's website. For online giving click the "Donate Now" box for and choose "River of Life Care Home in Cornesti, Romania" in the first drop down box and then enter the three letter account code in the "Message/Instructions" box.

The following details each ministry account attached to River of Life and shows how the funds are used:

MDM is Doug and Roberta Moore’s ministry account. This is our original ministry account with IM and we use it to fund all aspects of the River of Life ministry besides our ministry travel expenses, our minimal wage (needed for our visas) and health insurance.

ZRM is the ministry account for the River of Life (ROL) Care Home monthly operating expenses. We need consistent, reliable, and steady donations in this account each month to be able to pay our staff’s wages and pay for food, health care and monthly necessities of the mothers and children living in the Care Home.

ZRH is the ROL heating fund ministry account, which we use for firewood and propane.

ZMF is the ministry account for general maintenance and renovation costs. Our monthly operating budget per month for ROL hasn’t been sufficient to cover all the building maintenance needs, including bathroom and kitchen renovations, replacing old windows, repainting, or providing for appliances when they wear out or break down.

ZCE is the Care Home children’s education fund ministry account for their school expenses. We currently have 13 children going to 4 different schools. This is also the fund we use to be able to send our children to a Christian camp in the mountains for a week in August.

ZEH is the ministry account for the “Maria House” assisted living Elderly Care Home. This account provides funds for the monthly operating expenses of this home. There are currently 4 elderly women being cared for in this home.

ZCH is the account for the ongoing expenses of running “Emanuel”, our foster home for children, which was completed in 2015 and houses three children and a full time house Mom.

XCZ is the ministry account for Cristi Zah, our Romanian administrative director for ROL, a part of our management team and board of directors. He also pastors a church in Fibis, Romania. He is on staff with International Messengers. This ministry account supports his wages and ministry expenses.


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