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June 25, 2017

Nothing can separate us from His love!

What a great way to celebrate the 2 ½ years we have spent together. Love has been the highlight of our time together and it will be what I take with us move forward.

The love you showed us when we came. The love you showed us throughout our stay. And now the love you show us as we all take the next step in the incredible journey God has for us.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m sitting here smiling as I’m remembering things about each of you. I never knew what to expect from week to week, and that’s been a good thing. You have been a joy to pastor, and a privilege to serve. I’m glad we were able to accomplish what God allowed us to, and I know that He has incredible things in store for all of us.

As I shared at the service and with many of you individually, the coolest part about this is that we are not saying goodbye, just ‘see you later’. We’ve had a great time together, and I know the next part of both of our journeys is going to be full of surprises, challenges, and a whole lot of fun.

Thanks again for welcoming our whole family so warmly. You’ve treated us a real people and that’s felt amazingly good. We will remember you, think of you, pray for you, and come visit you.

Keep following Jesus, and keep loving one another. There’s lots of people around here that need to see what both of those look like. And keep having fun!

You are loved.


Pastor Dave