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Touching the World . . .



Roberta, Denisa, Doug, Antonio


Doug, Denisa, Roberta, & Antonio Moore

This couple, in 1997, went out to Cornesti, Romania with courage and faith that God had people waiting who needed their help and ministry.  Their story is thrilling and inspiring.

Current ROL information



A DVD is available showing both the Care Home and the Maria House, email Ron Henderson for your copy. Donations above the cost of the media and shipping will be given to the Care Home.

River of Life Care Home
in Romania

A miracle of God - serving the needs of mothers and children.  And other needs become opportunities as we hear of them.

The names of the staff from l-r top row: Cristina, Noni, Sue, Terry, Doug , Cristi, Lili

l-r bottom row: Ileana, Andre, Roberta with Antonio, Rodica with Denisa, Cornelia

Gardiner Community Church
reproduces itself around the world!

Cornesti Church at the River of Life Care Home

Very much like our own church here in Gardiner, Washington.  When we worship, we know that others have joined us in doing so many hours before we began . . .

half-way around the world. They are also a part of our family - the family of God!

For more information about River of Life ministries and to see the ROL presentation video, go to the IM website at:


Dennis and Emma Schosboek

Our first "team" that went out to Romania to help
in the first stages of the new Care Home Church.


Jon and Paige Eaves

The "team" ministers that bring encouragement to
Doug and Roberta Moore.

Did you ever wonder just where Cornesti, Romania is?

Here is a link to a map of the area that you can zoom in and out to see where in the world is Cornesti.

 Cornesti google map